Holland Park School

Initial selection
Applications are considered by the school, and selected for interview on the basis of the information within the application. We pay particular attention to qualifications, the personal statement and the references.

Applicants who are invited to interview must bring with them the following: their qualifications certificates; identity documents (photo ID e.g. a passport, and evidence of residence eg a mobile phone bill or bank/savings statement); evidence of having taken the practice skills tests, or passed the actual skills tests. Overseas applicants must provide evidence of their eligibility to live and study in the UK. The interview will take up to a day and include teaching a lesson or part of a lesson. After the interview day, an offer is made or you are given feedback on why you were unsuccessful. If you accept the conditional offer, you will complete at least two weeks of in-school experience in preparation for the training (e-Qualitas provides pre-training activities), during which time an e-Qualitas tutor visits you at the school to work out the individualised plan for your training. The place is confirmed once you have met all the conditions of offer, which include passing the skills tests.