The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

We are looking for applicants who have the potential to become outstanding teachers, and who are able to work independently on their studies while training in a school context. These personal attributes include:

  1. 1 Subject knowledge: you will not be taught subject knowledge per se during this one-year course; you are expected to possess much of the knowledge required before you start your training, which focuses on how to teach the curriculum successfully.
  2. 2 An individual, imaginative and creative approach to teaching your subject: inspirational teaching often requires lateral thinking, as you will need to find different ways to make your lessons stimulating and challenging but above all, you will need to make yourself interesting and engaging. Students will need to feel your tangible enthusiasm for your subject.
  3. 3 A recognition of the individual differences of all students: you will never teach two students who are the same, therefore, your approach to teaching different classes will never be the same. One of the many exciting things about teaching is the varied and diverse nature of the students who you will teach.
  4. 4 Confident, exciting, dynamic and clear exposition: you will need to develop the skills to elicit high quality writing from students that reflects their understanding. Students in all subjects will be required to write in lucid and cogent prose in their examinations. Perseverance so that you keep going when things get tough.
  5. 5 Motivation: to be successful by ensuring the success of the students for whom you are responsible. Students will need to be driven by your own palpable commitment to making them successful.
  6. 6 Warm engagement with the students: it is essential that you are able to build appropriately encouraging relationships with students. Empathy and a liking for young people is, of course, crucial because teachers spend most of their time with students, and need to understand how they are thinking and feeling in order to help them do as well as possible in their education.
  7. 7 Capacity for reflection: there will inevitably be moments which will not be as successful as what you had hoped for, therefore, the ability to analyse and learn from experience and to act on feedback is essential. Outstanding teachers are constantly reflecting on how to teach better.
  8. 8 Resilience and perseverance: your time at the beginning of your teaching career will be significantly demanding and you will require a substantial capacity for hard work. You will certainly need stamina and a determination to prevail. We encourage 100% attendance of our students, the same is wished for of our colleagues.
  9. 9 Excellent organisational skills: teachers need to be very well organised, particularly because the e-Qualitas course expects trainees to manage their own learning within a distance-learning approach. Students respect well organised teachers and it provides them with the sense of control.
  10. 10 Ambition to impact on the academic performance of students: one of the most important roles of a teacher is to scaffold the academic progress of students. This is best made through your development as an inspirational teacher.