Holland Park School

Research and development is a cornerstone of the development of our schools. The Royal Borough Teaching School Alliance is committed to driving improvements in teaching locally, nationally and internationally. We recognise that exceptional development is fundamental to exceptional teaching and we are committed to demonstrating and sharing our excellence in professional development.

A deep culture exists in our ‘lead’ schools in which research is used to inform practice and where school leaders and teachers undertake research and share their findings with others to support the development of teaching for all students. We are interested in the research of others and we seek to ensure that what we do has an impact on improving outcomes for students. Through participating in and leading research, our school leaders and teachers have grown their commitment to learning and developing their practice.

We have developed a journal which provides some guidance on the development of teaching which could be utilised by schools in other contexts. The most recent edition is available by clicking the button below

Download “The Twenty Sixteen Edition 16.pdf” The-Twenty-Sixteen-Edition-16.pdf – Downloaded 236 times – 585 KB