Craig Spence-Hill ·         Teacher of Computer Science

·         Head of Careers

·         Specialist Leader in Education

London Computer Science
• Secondary Computer Science
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

89 Addison Road

London W14 8BZ

Email: Tel:  020 7603 8478

Craig is experienced at implementing and delivering Computer Science across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 to an outstanding level in a secondary school setting. He has also been able to adapt the subject to the needs of the pupils and the school whilst helping to change the curriculum and courses from ICT to Computer Science. He is very well equipped to guide other departments who are experiencing the same challenges.

His experience of software development and programming beyond teaching means he is in a key position to share his approaches to Computer Science teaching across all key stages and offer solutions to the challenges that Computer Science departments face.

Craig has experience of mentoring teachers and trainee teachers within Computer Science particularly with getting to grips with the key programming skills required and how to teach them successfully. He has guided his colleagues in their Computer Science teaching, making successful interventions to improve their teaching based on regular observations and meetings.

Craig is particularly well skilled at engaging pupils in Computer Science and developing their strong interests in the subject through developing creative schemes of work and implementing exciting extracurricular activities such as clubs, trips and competitions.

He has an excellent track record of GCSE Computer Science results.  Craig is currently implementing the brand new A level for Computer Science which is proving to be successful, where more than twice the number of pupils have signed up to do the course compared to A level ICT. He is also heavily involved in leading whole school initiatives. Craig was the school’s Enrichment, PSHE & Citizenship co-ordinator for three years. He is now the Head of Careers for the whole school covering work experience, careers education, UCAS and much more.  Craig can bring his experience of leadership of ideas which contribute to outstanding teaching practice to other Computing departments.